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Food Safety Training in Chicago and Surrounding Suburbs

Food Safety Group is proud to offer ANSI accredited, online and onsite food safety training in Chicago, IL and surrounding suburbs.

Restaurant managers and employees will gain the knowledge they need, and the food services certification required, to operate and maintain a food-safe environment.

  • ANSI accredited and State approved training and certification
  • Online and onsite class options
  • Proctored exams
  • 98% passing rate
  • Training delivered in English or Spanish

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City Of Chicago Certified Instructor
State Of Illinois Certified Instructor
Certified With the National Restaurant Association
Certified With Safety Management Courses & Pro-Metric Courses

Offering Necessary Training

The food industry is vast and full of potential, but make sure you’re ready for handling any situation with our food safety training. As managers, it is your responsibility to seek training and to share what you’ve learned with your own staff as it relates to your particular food service. By obtaining your food manager certification, you’ll be better equipped to assess risk and to ultimately prevent foodborne illness.

The way we handle food today is much more complicated than even a few years ago. With more training and information, everyone in the foodservice industry can do a better job at preventing illnesses caused by food contamination. With our years in business, we've seen that education is the key to prevention.

Training to Protect Your Reputation

The primary focus of our training is safety and that safety helps you maintain an excellent reputation for cleanliness. A secondary focus is on establishing safe routines and tasks that help you catch and prevent hazardous situations like cross-contamination, and promote hygienic practices amongst the kitchen staff.

Let us teach you what you need to know and provide you with a certificate at the end of the training. This way, you have the official documentation necessary to measure up to public health regulations.

About Us

Backed by more than 15 years of experience in the food service industry, our goal is to offer training to the managerial staff to follow all food safety codes. This helps to avoid issues such as illness, hospitalization, and loss. We train employees and managers in the food service industry in the city of Chicago, ensuring they have the food safety management licensure required by the Health Department. Our training course focuses on food handling procedures for food safety managers, who are responsible for ensuring that all food is prepared correctly and safe for consumption.

Owner Jose Gomez has been teaching food safety for 15 years, and he has been in the industry as a chef and restaurant owner for more than 25 years. Jose has long-standing food service experience, allowing him to train in ways that he knows will work for our clients. We can even teach in ways that help you maintain food safety during a short staff situation.

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